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“Why can’t we know what is really happening on campus? Why should we be quiet about sexual assault?”

October 20, 2012

On Wednesday October 17th, a rape survivor and former student of Amherst College bravely came forward with her story. In an article posted on the Amherst Student, Angie Epifano explains how she was systematically silenced and made to feel “crazy” by the Amherst administration after coming forward about a fellow student raping her. While her rapist was allowed to graduate (with honors), she no longer attends Amherst, writing “How could I stay at a school who had made my healing process not just difficult, but impossible? How could I stand knowing that the Administration promotes silence? How could I spend the next two years made to feel dirty and at fault?”

An account of sexual assault at Amherst College

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  1. October 24, 2012 1:25 PM

    As an advocate working at a crisis center on a college campus, it is monumentally frustrating battling the administration and institutions that exist here. I am amazed at the response of the crisis center, that they were so utterly unhelpful and discouraging, that greatly saddens me. It is truly unfortunate that the school failed to support this survivor, and it is even worse that she is not alone and this happens more often than we would care to admit. Hopefully she is able to continue healing in other ways and finds some individuals who can support her.

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