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Oxy, Yale, Amherst: Are Elite Institutions Participating in Rape Coverup?

March 16, 2013

In an interview on NBC News’ Melissa Harris-Perry show this morning, OSAC allies Andrea Pino and Annie Clark from UNC-Chapel Hill, named Occidental College (along with Yale and U Mass Amherst) as part of a national movement to improve sexual assault issues on college campuses.

In case you’ve been wondering why OSAC is filing Clery and Office of Civil Rights Title IX complaints, the same issues described below are well-documented here at Occidental College. Those violations of federal law are the reason the Department of Education is investigating UNC-Chapel Hill and the same reasons why OSAC is seeking help to improve campus climate, programming, policy, and procedure here after several years of inaction on the part of the Administration.

We love Oxy and know that Oxy students deserve a safe and equitable learning environment. We want an Oxy as good as its promise.

You can can click on the image below to view the interview.

Occidental College Melissa Harris Perry Video

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