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Oxy Students Part of National Movement – Featured in The Nation

March 16, 2013


Occidental students protest the university’s broken promises on sexual assault policy. (The Occidental Weekly​/Chris Ellis)

The Nation featured Occidental College students who protested the College’s broken promise when it did not alert the campus that a rape had been reported. Oxy students and faculty are part of a broader movement to make college campuses across the nation treat rape as a crime and create safer learning environments.

At Occidental, Broken Promises on Stopping Rape
The student-faculty Occidental Sexual Assault Coalition was formed in early 2012 in response to growing complaints about the college’s handling of sexual assault cases. OSAC developed 12 Demands based on best practices that President Jonathan Veitch agreed to. In February, local media reported an alleged rape at Occidental. Many were dismayed to learn about the crime through a news source rather than school officials, especially since the 12 Demands required rape reports in the campus alert system. On March 1, nearly 300 students and faculty protested Veitch’s broken promise and created the Dear Oxy tumblr and a petition. Veitch then denied ever having agreed to OSAC’s demands and, in an open letter, condemned a survivor and faculty member for “actively seeking to embarrass the college” by talking to reporters. OSAC responded with plans to file Clery Act and Title IX complaints. OSAC will also host a Sleep Over for Sexual Assault Prevention on the campus quad on April 19 and 20.

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