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OSAC’s Title IX Complaint Won’t Be a First at Occidental College

March 25, 2013

OSAC’s Title IX complaint won’t be a first for Oxy. In 1993, the Feminist Consciousness Coalition filed a complaint against Oxy for their treatment of sexual harassment. Here’s an alumni comment we received on the OSAC website today:

I am an alumni of Oxy (1993) who continues to contribute to the school and can imagine my daughter attending in a few years if she wishes…I was the co-chair of a group called Feminist Consciousness Coalition.

We also filed a title IX complaint to the Dept of Education/Office for Civil rights, regarding sexual harassment and the misogyny rife at that time in the campus fraternity system. The school was found to be in part violation of law in regards to our complaint and improved the sexual harassment policy as a result.

I was also a ‘student advocate’ for a classmate who had been raped and remember well the many failings of that strange idea to prosecute such an allegation.

I am sad yet not surprised that 20 years on we continue to face many of the same structural barriers to women’s safety and gender equity. If there are things alumni might to do support your coalition, let me know and I can let my other alumni friends know in turn. As we were preceded by strong women and allied men in our struggles, so are you now.

For anyone who thinks these struggles are new to Occidental, they’re clearly wrong. Thank you so much to the amazing alumni (and faculty members going through their archives) who have been reaching out to us. We applaud your long-standing efforts in paving the way for all of us in the struggle to make Oxy a safe and equitable learning environment.


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