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Actually, President Veitch, Sexual Assault is Not a New Conversation at Occidental

March 26, 2013

OSAC has developed a detailed timeline (2007-present) that documents contact between OSAC members and the Oxy Administration pertaining to sexual assault issues on campus. It starts with a town hall meeting in March of 2007 and ends with a town hall meeting in March of 2013, exemplifying the “Oxy way” of substituting talk for action.

During these six years, OSAC members participated in 7 different campus-wide forums on sexual assault, met with Administrators more than 20 times, participated in three different task forces, and gave 8 presentations on persistent issues with Oxy’s sexual assault programming, policies, and procedures.

This timeline does not reflect the work of passionate student, faculty, and staff advocates who have also worked tirelessly to improve sexual assault issues at Oxy during and prior to this time.

This is not a new conversation, and to treat it as such erases the work that has been done and further delays taking long overdue action.

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