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Thank You, Occidental Staff, for Demanding Change and Supporting Students

May 6, 2013

Thank you, Oxy staff and administrators, for your May 6th resolution to demand sexual assault policy changes that will support students and survivors.

We are incredibly grateful to the support you have provided to Oxy students in making our campus a great place to live, learn, and work.

Given the level of retaliation that staff, faculty, and students at Occidental College have already faced for speaking up against sexual assault issues on our campus, we appreciate the great risks you are taking in such a public display of support.

We applaud your efforts and stand with you! All 94 of you!!*

Thank you for creating an Oxy that makes us all proud!

*Anyone with an asterisk by their name below has been named in either the Clery and/or Office for Civil Rights federal complaints filed by OSAC.

Letter to the Occidental College Community

We, the undersigned Occidental College staff and administrators, reaffirm the right of all students to live, work, and study on a safe campus where equity prevails.

We, the undersigned Occidental College staff and administrators, recognize and commend the courageous efforts of the members of the Occidental community who are working to ensure that sexual harassment, sexual battery, sexual assault and rape have no place in our community.

We, the undersigned Occidental College staff and administrators, agree that there must be changes to the sexual assault policies, there must be procedural integrity in hearing board cases, there must be additional resources for sexual assault and rape survivors, and that there must be significant, on-going sexual harassment, battery, assault and rape education for all students.

We, the undersigned Occidental College staff and administrators, vow to work constructively and tirelessly to transform the policies and underlying culture of Occidental College toward the elimination of sexual harassment, sexual battery, sexual assault and rape.


Hoda Abdelghani

Carolyn Adams

Dominic Alletto

Yady Barajas ‘97

Heather Blackstone Bartolome

Samantha Bonar ‘90

Carl Botterud ‘79*

Joan A. Brewer

Ryan Brubacher

Matthew Calkins ‘96

Marc Campos

LaMesha Carter

Celestina Castillo

Benjie Castro

Aubree Cedillo ‘95

Tim Chang*

Sylvia Chico

Victor Chico

Maggie Contreras

Robin Craggs

Paula Crisostomo

Vince Cuseo

Bobbi Dacus

Helena de Lemos

Carola Donnerhak

Kate Dundon

Victor Egitto

John de La Fontaine

Shawn G. Ferrara

Marian Finn

Heng Lam Foong

Sean Ford

Denise Frost

Mandlenkosi Gobledale ’10

Beatrice Gonzales

Jenny Heetderks

Jim Herr ‘86

Joy Hepp

Jaime Hoffman

Wendy Hsu

Peter Indall ‘09

Diane Jackson

Julie Jimenez

Agne Jomantaite ‘11

Bob Kieft

Brian Knight

Marian Ko

Natalie Kolodinski ‘10

Marie B. Lamothe-François

Andrew Larkin ’12

Irene Li ‘12

Tricia Long

Gloria Lum

Marisa MacAskill

Irma Mancilla

Dana Marshall ‘09

Kirstin McLatchie

Maureen McRae

Patricia Micciche

Carol Milki

David Mendoza

Marisa Grover Mofford

John Mortl

Gabriela Niculescu

Holly Nieto

Krizia Oasin ‘12

Lindsay Dold O’Sullivan

Vanessa Perry

Sue Pramov

Erik Quezada ‘09

Sarah Ramage

Judy Runyon

Michelle Saldana ‘03

Carey Sargent

Valerie Savior ‘85

Marsha Schnirring

Brett Schraeder

Marie Scott ’01

Suzanne Scott

Amanda Shaffer ‘02

Richard Shive ‘61

Jane Sia

Rebecca Siegel ‘09

Lisa Spencer ’99

Hanna Spinosa

Dale Ann Stieber

Greg Timmons

Wesley Hayato Tomatsu ‘01

Robert Torres

James Uhrich

Manuel A. Valverde ‘12

Adrianne Wadewitz

Shirley Wang

Jim Wheat ‘74

Jaletta White-Griego

Susan Young


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