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Why is OSAC Filing Federal Title IX and Clery Complaints Against Occidental College?

April 15, 2013

“My rapists admitted to ‘gang raping’ me to all their friends, and were proud of it. Even though this was horrible to hear, I was still glad I didn’t report my rape to Oxy. The reporting process most likely would have been just as damaging as the rape itself. It is sad to me that even when my assailants admitted to rape, I was still afraid to report to the school for fear of not being believed.” – Anonymous Survivor Story

“Because his sanction was overturned on appeal, once I graduate, I can never come back to Oxy. I can’t visit friends who still go here, I can’t go to alumni events, I can’t even show people around where I went to school because there will always be a chance that he is here. He is allowed to be here. I was raped during the first week of my first year at Oxy. I was robbed of anything resembling a normal college experience. Yet four years later, after reporting in the hopes that I could feel safe on campus again, I’m still the one who doesn’t get to feel safe or valued at the college I go to.” – Anonymous Survivor Story

“I would love to someday feel proud when people ask me where I went to college, instead of ashamed. I would love to feel welcome on campus. I would love to be able to encourage students to attend Occidental. But how could I ever in good conscience recommend that anyone enroll there?” – Anonymous Survivor Story

Please read the full report below. Thank you to Professor Lisa Wade for sharing this data with the Occidental campus community on April 15, 2013:

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  1. Benjamin Powell permalink
    April 16, 2013 12:55 PM

    Hello, I’m a journalist with the Daily Bruin newspaper at UCLA, and I was wondering if I could speak with someone about your organization. Shoot me an e-mail if possible!

  2. April 20, 2013 5:07 PM

    My mother asked me to leave this comment for her.

    My grandniece is one of the survivors of rape at Occidental. She was treated callously by the administration and threatened with expulsion if she spoke out. We are so proud of her determination to find justice for herself and others.
    When her grandmother, my beloved younger sister, now deceased , was as tiny tot she would say ‘ “It’s not fair'”. My father would reply , “Life is not fair” and she would respond “Well it SHOULD be”.
    My sister spent her whole life fighting for fairness, equality and justice.How horrific that for her beautiful granddaughter and the other survivors of rape at Occidental life is still not fair.


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