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An Open Letter to the Faculty Members Who Helped to Pass the No Confidence Vote

May 6, 2013

To the Faculty of Occidental College:

OSAC thanks every faculty member who helped pass the vote of “no confidence” for Dean of Students Barbara Avery and College Counsel/Trustee Carl Botterud at the Special Faculty Meeting held on May 6th. We thank you for exercising your rights to advocate on behalf of survivors and their allies, and for standing in solidarity with those who will no longer tolerate institutional mistreatment, especially from administrators hired to protect the students they serve.

Your vote today has displayed that the Occidental College Faculty is genuinely committed to: holding this institution and its administrators accountable for actions taken against survivors; supporting survivors and allies on our campus; and building a safer community free from sexual violence.

Today’s vote has also proven to be another example of how Oxy’s faculty involvement has been a vital component in the movement’s efforts to reshape how the college addresses sexual assault and eradicate sexual violence from our community.

OSAC stands by the Oxy College Faculty and appreciates their momentous decision today. The journey for a campus culture that is equitable, just, and safe will be a long one, but we are proud that our faculty will embark on that journey with us. Thank you all for making history, helping to make Oxy a safer place, and joining us in this fight for justice.

In Solidarity,

The Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition

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